Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ping pong ping pong ping pong.......

To all the teachers who made me write this essay

Consider coming into existence inside a ping pong ball

You have no knowledge of anything else.

Left or right has no value as you always end up facing….well just facing nothing.

You have no sense of scale or size.

No fear of heights or looking down.

You wouldn’t know what it would to be to be out or in. your concept of outerism or innerism wouldn’t exist.

You can walk or run, or even stop or start, but consider having no starting point or finish? Each step being as insignificant as the last.

All ambition or aspiration swallowed up in a white fog of the abyss.

Would you go blind?

Would you know what colour is?

Would your eyes just simply stop seeing?

Would you keep them closed.

You would have no sense of pain or pleasure. Never being able to reach out, or touch.
Falling or tripping wouldn’t hurt, always landing in the same spot.

Have you ever considered how you would describe the horizon to someone how has never seen it before, a place where top meets bottom, you can always see it, you know its there but never being able to reach it. Never being able to visit.

Would you understand top and bottom.

To be deficient of senses, to experience sensory depuration, how would you think?

Without the pollutions of suggestion would your thoughts be pure?

To have sight but no view. Would your mind fill the void.

Any form of sensory depravation like blindness forces the other senses like hearing become more sensitive, better tuned in, stronger, functioning on a higher level, now consider all your senses deprived of there use. Would we become superhuman.

Would thought and reality become blurred?

Imagine the world you would curate!

Would your ball be your freedom to explore new levels of reality? And not your limitation or your prisoner?

Time and space freed to be controlled and shaped into anything, but by who?

Could you tell the difference between reality and a preconceived reality!

What is "real" could you be sure right now!

There's a thin line between madness and genius…..

Now ask yourself, what's it like in your ping pong ball?

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