Monday, November 26, 2007

manefesto 2007

We shall continue to voyage, amuse ourselves as fortuitous flanuers to
make myths,

spin tall tales,

textually visually

and orally.

We shall collect, hoard and investigate, disparate found objects, including books, photographs, fetish objects, comics, relics, mechanical diagrams, stories, personal and anonymous drawings and documents but not excluding any junk we find in the tip or on its way to the tip

With mixed media, including collage overlaying varying transparent and opaque materials, we will rip, tear and staple, glue, paint, draw, photograph, video, sculpt and screen print a multilayered narrative of confusing warbling pastiche.

We will maintain the fight for our fragile existence as artists and entertain magic and chance, explore the accidental and the unexpected, continuing an inquisitive struggle.

We will not give up until we become honorary members of the necronautical society or win the turner prize which ever comes first.

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