Thursday, November 8, 2007

Approximate to the essence

self-portrait diary everyday record challenge power energy
style composition colour happening thought understanding incomprehensible habit chance system automatic conscious subconscious control conflict space distance relationship touch feel asking communication temperature dense complex simplicity empty nothing everything environment circumstance surrounding
distortion reality lie truth honesty trust ambiguity
curve straight twist line mark rhythm
time present past future will wish forevermore always message imagination
body mind remembrance lose find memory dream pitfall
gummy dryness wet emotion fantasy sensuality
circle backward up down rise fall fly
face substance search strike balance imbalance collage combination
mood tenderness roughness experience passage
desire spirit essence something

challenge search energy thought understanding honesty trust ambiguity
space relationship communication temperature
conscious control conflict complex
circle fly
composition colour chance system
circumstance distortion rhythm present past will wish forevermore message body mind find memory dream pitfall passage
emotion fantasy sensuality tenderness roughness experience
strike collage combination
desire essence something

pitfall space complex communication
essence control honesty relationship
challenge combination


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