Monday, November 19, 2007


Maria-Lena Hedberg

Inconsistent, contradictory, incompatible. Narrative, descriptive, chronicle, telling. Searching, sharp, inquiring, intent. Ugly, revolting, vile, menacing, spiteful, bad-tempered. Painterly, Anxiety, apprehension, uneasy. foreboding. Messy, confusion, confused. perplexity, all-over, Humour, facetious. Red. Angry, vexed, irascible. Misfit, Striving. Stuffy. Stubborn, obstinate, unyielding. Clumsy. Unintellectual, hesitated, uncertainty, vacillate, demur. Unsexy, dumb, honest, principled, virtuous, equitable. Naive, ingenuous, unsophisticated, credulous. Dissent, abjure. Flat, deflated. Sober, sedate, subdued, abstinent. Original. Personal, individual, particular. Political, Explanatory, expository. Abyss, gorge, chasm. Solipstic (believe the only thing that can be known to exist is the self) , empiricist (all knowledge depend on experience of the external world). Chunky. Uncompromised, Compromised, concede, prejudice, discredit. Doomed, destructive. Bad, contaminated, mischievous, villainous, depraved. Incorrect, erroneous, improper, inappropriate. Impasse, Humbug, impostor, deceit, flummery, baloney, gravity, subject.

Inconsistent, Narrative, descriptive, Searching, sharp, inquiring, intent. menacing, spiteful, Anxiety, apprehension, Messy, confused, all-over, Humour. Red. Angry, Misfit, Striving, Stubborn, obstinate, Clumsy. Unintellectual, hesitated, demur. Unsexy, dumb, honest, Naive, ingenuous, unsophisticated, credulous. Dissent, Flat, deflated, individual, Political, Explanatory, chasm. Solipstic, Uncompromised, Compromised,
destructive. mischievous, erroneous, improper, Humbug, impostor, flummery, Gravity.

Intent, Clumsy, Demur, Credulous, Flummery, Obstinate, Dissent, Unsexy, Deflated, Honest


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