Thursday, November 22, 2007


Yes, it is true that I am trying to paint something.
Yes, it is very true and often I get people to tell me or ask me that what is it about?
Or people just tell me that ‘ah, nice.’ Or ‘ that’s interesting.’ Or maybe he says ‘I like your work.’
And I say ‘ oh, thanks.’
Yes, it is true that I do not have a good answer for these kinds of questions or communications with others yet. Because I am still searching about my visual language there for communication element.

Visual language and how to read the language…
It is coming from your experience and knowledge I believe. And each of us will have different experiences when you get to touch with something new or different in front of us.
Also created by our knowledge and experience. I leave you for the judgement what you feel like when you need to make a judgement of my painting work because you have a different past experience and back ground from me.
Is there always in front of me on the canvas. I do look and read what is there with my naked eye.
Circle, Rhythm, Curve, Lines, forms, and Infinity in the Space…

What could be infinity? And what could be infinity in the limited space?

Yes, it is true that I could carry on and on to produce ‘same kind’ of image paintings. However they are not the same for me because time passes always and time where I am now is different as a space. And feeling different, so on. However maybe for you it looks like the same perhaps. As I said before I leave this judgement for you to enjoy. And I am here for trying to develop my painting forms with other touch and excited to see the different results always.
Yes, it is true that I should record about my practice somehow. It is integral and I do not have them.
Yes, it is true that I am carrying on same kind of style of painting work from last year’s investigation at the moment. Which is good or bad? This is my choice to do this way in this time, because I see myself to carry on this way of practice is more challenging for me in this stage. And see what I can do more from it.
Yes, it is true that I am much more conscious about what I am doing now than before with paint and brush. This process is needed for sure to be sure and has a little control of my work.
Yes, it is true that now actually I want to have uncontrolled feelings and get lost in my painting also in the same time in the same space as a unity.

Yes, it is true that I am painting ‘something’ almost every single day. There is many problems occur and needs to be resolved in every each days.

Yes, why not to have an ambition!
Challenge to Possibility and Potentiality…always

‘Something’ is the form…
Forms assert that forms…by Plato, and I am hungry for possessing the most fundamental kind of reality.
‘Something’ is the all kind of energy for the creations… And power of strong will.

1m square white canvases and me with paints and brushes. I want to see myself in this relationship.
‘Something’ is therefore self reflection and understanding.

Yes, it is true that I am painting ‘something’ every single day.

Yes it is true that I am looking for ‘something’ more than beyond.

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