Tuesday, November 20, 2007

church of random. a first manifesto


                          CHURCH OF RANDOM.

                                          A FIRST MANIFESTO.



In the beginning, god created the heaven and the earth, and then he hung his paintings on the wall while he created the church of random.

      I.     The church believes all men/women are equal therefore, by default, all art, if considered is relevant.

    II.     Anyone can belong to the church of random providing there is a functional magnet in his or her moral compass.

  III.      The church declares that work can only be made after having devoured and digested the church ethos.

 IV.     The church ethos is final but other than that, there are no other absolutes.

   V.     All aesthetic creation whether concept or emotion driven will be tolerated if it contains the church ethos and a modicum of original thought. Pure therapy based drivel is an exception to this rule and will result in immediate crucifixion. The church does not hold with the stuckists on this point nor on the point regarding bad taste, as this is never acceptable even under the guise of art. The only stipulation to this is if work that has a negative physical impact on man, woman or creature (negative emotional and psychological impacts are acceptable and discretional where the recipient or subject is given the choice to take part or ingest said work)

 VI.      Only considered and deliberate mediocrity in creation will be tolerated.

VII.     Accidental creation of ‘bad art’ will result in immediate crucifixion n.b. Crucifixion will be waived if said art has any discernable merit.

VIII.     Only those with a basic understanding and appreciation of pythonesque conceptual humour shall be permitted to join.

 IX.     Aberrant thought and behaviour within one’s work will only be tolerated if conscious.

   X.     The wearing of artistic styles/concepts/movements as accessory or in response to trend will result in immediate and irreversible crucifixion.

 XI.     Attempts to challenge / subvert style/tradition and / or historical aesthetic in the art world for the sake of it, i.e. because one can and without ‘reasonable’ conceptual, emotional or political validation, will result in a minor infraction penalty i.e. time spent in stocks and pillories to consider, repent and atone.

XII.     The acolytes of the church will adhere to the ethos and within that continue to attempt to challenge themselves and why they make work and for whom the work is made. Cessation of this last clause requires that said acolyte immediately and without hesitation destroy the nonsense they have created and take their own life (thereby not afflicting ill conceived work or bad taste on the semi innocent populace.


               Laws invoked by Carlos Diaz, founder and only member of the church of random on this day, November 20th. In the year of our lord   2007

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