Monday, November 19, 2007

Manifesto for my work

1.Exploring of ideas surrounding change, time, metamorphosis and transience. Changes happen during the course of everybody’s lives. I am looking at the way time passing changes us and how we think and act, and who we are.

2.What gets left behind. Metaphorically and conceptually, how we leave parts of ourselves behind, i.e. cast-offs of childhood in memories, things we throw away, move house, etc., and the shells we leave behind when we are no longer here. The imprint that life leaves, how it shapes people who know us, the concept of being left behind.

3. Passing of time, inevitability and importance of change. The feeling of how quickly time goes; the unstoppable nature of time; that some changes are inevitable and important to the course of life.

4. The balance and fragility of existence. The realisation that things can also change without warning and the way it changes our thinking, behaviour, etc. and the reminder of how fragile and uncertain an existence could be.

5. The place where a change takes place. Recently I have become more interested in specific parts of the extremely vast subject of metamorphosis and transience, and have focused on cocoons and chrysalis. I am interested in them as they are the place where a change happens, but they are also left behind, as a shell. They signify transition from one thing to another. I am also interested in the actual structure of something like cocoons, trying to create something which resembles them. I am inspired by the natural aspects of chrysalis and their shape; but also want to take something more from them than the way we typically see them and association with butterflies, and use them simply for the purpose of exploring change and metamorphosis. Also maybe being able to see change and these objects in another way.

6. Being able to recreate the objects that interest me in some way. As somebody who would like to be a sculptor, one thing that interests me particularly is being able to construct a form of structure which is aesthetically attractive and intriguing, in the way that I find things like cocoons etc. are

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