Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Leodardo are several trips.
Leodardo doesn’t know the final destinations.

Leodardo is the plinth and not the sculpture.
Leodardo doesn’t want to be categorized.
Leodardo is leodardo.

Leodardo believe in human beings, every body can be part of leodardo apart who doesn’t know Frankenstein junior by Mel Brooks.

Leodardo exists in real places (physical) for instance web space, and non-real places (non-physical space) such as ideas, concepts or opinions.

The web space is meant to be a documentation of what leodardo is doing.
Through the web site everybody from everywhere in every time can see what leodardo in making and leave a comment.
Leodardo doesn’t like all the comments… it likes only the sincere ones.

Leodardo likes technology…
Leodardo loves past, present and future.
For Leodardo technology doesn’t mean future.
Leodardo believes in Ready-made, recycling, transforming, and ripping off.

Have you ever heard the sound of a wax pipe organ made with a Chinese crap toy keyboard, glasses and engines… that may be Leodardo!

Leodardo is the gift you have never received for Christmas.

Leodardo is the mosquito in your soup.
Leodardo believes in art but food is much more important.
To make a good pasta is an art, to make good art may be just a fart. (And you can’t eat it).

Leodardo is the day Willy coyote will catch the peacock

Never, and I say never avoid the risk.

Leodardo believes that art is a trip.
Leodardo will not tell you where you have to go… just go.

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