Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The In Between

We have been through the hours of night and day and seen all that there is to see of the sky. The importance of power and the right of every being to that power is the main belief of this group. In concordance we have come to these conclusions of life that should be observed by those important thoughts.

1. Members should keep an open mind.

2. Members must remember that the key to the in between is found in reading and feeling.

3. Members should take the opinion that all work must be realized in reality.

4. The member must understand that all work is not reality and therefore cannot be represented in it's true form, except in the in between moments.

5. The members can be seen at all times by other members and must be in communication on a consistent basis.

6. All members must remember that The In between reject the idea of God and all associated theories. They do not exists in the inner state and therefore are false truths and should be stricken from the record.

7. The other plane of existence should be seen in the members mind and observed at all times.

8. Members should understand that they have entered a new thought process and should believe in this so much that they would be prepared to give everything for it.

9. In creating work all members should always be prepared to destroy it and recreate it on the "other plane".

10. Reality is a subjective matter and is observed on an individual basis. The understanding of others work can therefore only be a paradoxical version and only guessed at.

In failing to do so the consequences are such that you will be stricken from the space and be taken from the space of power never to return so as not to corrupt it.

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