Sunday, October 14, 2007

walking text- interactions

Through the electric impulses, which were sent from one neuron to another, the body was forced to perform the movement. Through the friction of the foot and the surface and complicated yet unconscious ability to balance, the body selected the direction. Rhythmic bending of knees and a smooth movement of feet moved the body across the surface; rather forward than backward and to the sides. Hardly ever backward. Incomparable proportion.

A mixture of sound, movement and physical force along with distant, individual and completely alienated actions of the consciousness. The sound remains harmonious even though the intensity and timbre constantly change.


Three hundred and twelve

The sound changes its timbre into a smoother form, almost impossible to hear.

Fifty seven

The surface is replaced for the second time and every single step mixes with this metallic echo, so inartificial. The amplitude grows.

(with the short “a”)

Twenty four

There is another aspect. The actual process of walking with its relation to the surrounding and the experience which takes place only in that very moment. The only evidence of this interaction is the sound, which disappears as quickly as it comes into being.


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