Tuesday, October 30, 2007

halt sign

So, I stopped on the end of lane…in the little corner of zebra

Pink, purple cheesy in the early dark sky
Moon was there with pearl-white

I was there with autumnal bittersweet…
I was there with fresh elastic private motion capsule

Confusion…or expectation…
In and out…I was there
Time… moment…
Passing me by

And I was there for a little moment to entertain a motion

I am with my black leather jacket
Temperature is just comfortable


I like that she said that word
And I can remember only this word that she said
And I don’t remember much more what she said

Because I stopped walking…
So I am travelling in different time scale

Keep walking and walk
And stop again
See the difference or not
Maybe one day…
Earth will be up turn in front of me

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