Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Ode to Perambulation

Perambulation - walking, to you and me
What a fine and convenient matter;
It’s terribly beneficial in the feat of getting around
A lack of it results in being increasingly round
I’m certain without it, I would be considerably fatter

Why do we invariably opt for the Tube?
The bus, or the automobile?
Share in this sentiment the wonder I implore you to feel
When one can enjoy the charms of reaching one’s destination
Simply by involving oneself in perambulation

And so I account for my most recent Sunday afternoon ramble
Despite preposterous weather conditions beyond my control
I remained unwavering in my wish for a leisurely stroll
Up hill, down dale, distracted by mud and crunching through leaves
I completed an agreeable hike as I could hope to achieve

As I crusaded through the melee of slicing wind and biting rain
My poor reluctant and bedraggled hound in tow
It occurred to me to compose this rather dubious Ode
For you all to heed no doubt in sincere appreciation
And I can attribute it all to the knack of perambulation

Convinced in the knowledge that it is quite a talent
As I’m sure it has to be said,
That we can indeed even stand on two legs
Without further ado why not discard the stationary state we occupy to talk
And treat ourselves to a nice little walk?

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