Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Seeking my space 20/10/07

Exploring a new place concentrating on senses and thoughts

My exploration began on Saturday at 6: 05 P.M. when I came out of London Bridge underground station. I was feeling unusually excited and with a great sense of adventure. I came right into Tooley street without a clue of where to go next.

I saw the Dungeon and thought perhaps I should explore it and went back to see if it was open. At the door was a young woman stirring a huge cauldron with some realistic pieces of meat hanging on the sides. I remembered that the carnivorous Nielsen’s saucepan was kept there, that and the sign of £19:99 entrance made me change my mind.

I crossed the street again and decided to follow the sound of bells ringing and arrived at Southwark Cathedral, beautiful building but it was closed. I continued my walk with the fresh breeze gently caressing my face and thought about seniority and the sense of freedom that has come with it. Then there was The Clink prison Museum. I could see prisoners through the windows on the basement and curiosity made me go in.

I read the horrors written on the boards and stood there… an acrid smell penetrated my throat; this was the smell of pain and dried up tears. I tried to read the darkened planks with many patterns telling me how much pain they had to witness with such fear.

There were many apparatus and tools for torture. There were also bridles for the women who complained chastity belts for the wives of jealous husbands or to protect themselves from rape.

I left the prison longing for deep breath and walked across the bridge to the side of the Thames admiring the clear sky the lights reflecting with the moonlight and on gaining my strength I thought St. Goodness in not 1510.!!!!

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