Thursday, October 18, 2007

From my kitchen to my bedroom

Red: Nooo! you are wrong; I told you I would have painted that wall red and also orange. At the end of the day it gives to the room a strange mood, that’s true… well with some beer and a couple of friends it could be a nice pub. It is perhaps the colour of passion and, actually, it fits very well with the furniture and the curtain isn’t it.
That pendant, that pendant made of a panettone box it’s been a good idea, and even more good is the red bulb I put inside of it. The red light is coming out of the stars I carved in to the cardboard making the entrance a kind of a whorehouse entrance.

Green: They love it, I swear, they probably thing to be in a kind of an indoor garden, that’s why they don’t go out really often. This two lazy cats love to make their nails on it and they loooose hundreds of hairs that after I have to clean up.
Marta hate it, she always says – Let’s change that bug collector! Well, we can not do it we don’t have enough money, and to be honest it remain when I was child… At home we had the same carpet.

Red: I can’t sit there any more, it has become their bed…

Grey: He left the house, and I don’t even know where he is now. He was such a good guy, he probably left that helmet here as a kind of present but I can’t use it, my bicycle got stolen and I’m not going to buy another.

Black: I promise, tomorrow I am going to buy a basket and I will fit all of them in to it.


Yellow: Those eyes over the door window always make me scared. What do you want now? You want to come in don’t you… lazy hairball.

Blu: That tin is always full of nuts, how is that possible?
Squirrels are happy but I can’t feed the entire animal I have in my garden. I have never spent a pound for those nuts… I have to ask Marta about those nuts…

Pink: I always had some doubt about it. Well, it is just a phone but that colour… I never thought to have a phone like that even because when someone calls a big red heart on top of it starts to flash... What a horrible think!

Green: They look really horrible, are they dieing? How is that possible?
Well probably six month or more without a drop of water is a long time even for a cactus…

Cream: I hate that wall colour, even the cats hate it, and they make their nails in that corner and they scratch all the paper. I am sure, the landlord is going to tell me off for that, I didn’t do it, I have to do something, I will think about that tomorrow.

Brown, white, yellow, blue, red: I haven’t any other place to leave it… well a bin could be a right pace, but I can’t do it… that guitar is anyway a nice memory. Well the paint my friend Piero made on the top of it is horrible; I am not a hippie, I don’t want to be a hippie, let’s put it in the cupboard.

Black, green, white, blue, brown, yellow: Is getting bigger, that pile of boxes look like a kind of modern sculpture, a totem pole, I could make a nice piece out of that…

Good night Marta…

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