Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Decide Yourself

I enter a poorly lit road which seems to be a dead end and by this time I am completely lost, so I investigate and come across a dark ominous alleyway at the end of the road. As I make my way down this dark passage I suddenly here footsteps behind me and see a dark figure out the corner of my eye, I quicken my pace and approach the end of the alleyway only to find a group of black teens, all with there hoods up, they confront me and start hassling me looking for a reaction but I ignore them and try to get passed, then one of them pulls a Knife from his pocket and holds it to my neck. Another one demands “give me your wallet and your phone” and before I have a chance to reply they pin me up against a rough garden wall, they search my pockets and find what they where looking for, the feeling of relief comes across me as they start to walk away, then the teen with the knife turns and throws me back up against the wall, he fumbles in his pocket for the knife panic sets in and I manage to struggle free but only to find his friend who plunges his own knife into my stomach, pain shoots across my body, my legs become weak and I start to fall, as my head hits the damp cold pavement I hear “this is Brixton station”, the tube jolts I awake and in a daze stumble off the train and up the escalators with an anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach the only thought running through my head is that I will be coming across a dirty town with trouble round every corner. But as I exit I come across a bright vibrant city center with bustling shops, and lively markets, I see a beautifully lit old church towering above the shops, I then make my way to a local pub, and I find a modern looking bistro serving great food and full of friendly people, after a few pleasant drinks I move on, to find a modern Spanish style bar with a great atmosphere. I then proceeded to have a pleasant evening without any confrontations, that’s not say that nothing bad happens in Brixton, and sure I saw my fair share of dodgy looking people but no more than I see around the rest of London. And so I thought, maybe I should be careful about stereotyping places before I visit them.

By Martin

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