Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The beet of the world under my feet, pulsates through my head. It gets stronger when you take into account the fact that i head phones in my ears. It's designed to drown out that incessant back drone of the road, the rush of every annoyed egotistical bastard on the road. Saying that they aren't a lot different when they are walking on the road around me.

"Free London Lite!"

I swear the next person to shove a 'free' paper into my face will get one shoved right up their ass. It's like they want you to hate them.

Waiting at the lights as they change is like a face off. Everyone lines up with each other, picking out which is the weakest on the other side then turning and looking for the traffic to stop so that they can go.

Then, the lights go, bang everyone goes had first at each other and the weakest have to zigzag through the hoards of people coming at them. Its like that scene from the Lion King, where the wilder beasts come herding over the hill at Simba all at once like there is no escaping it.

There are so many of these lights as well it's confusing, almost like a stress test. See how far we can push them before they completely crack. The only way to get through this is to run for the door of your building, not that in any way or form do you actually want to get there. But the way you run is important in this city. You have to look like you know where you are going but what you are actually thinking is that you want to yell is "i am trying to get rid of you lot!"

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