Tuesday, March 4, 2008



Afresh, best wishes for you and your irreplaceable family…
Playing with an ironic smile and ambiguous desire guide you to the strange place where you have never stepped into…
A hoarsely loud wail is hidden in strained dark night. Candlelight dimly describes the shadow of your tragedy and misery. But you are foolishly demanding and don’t see a limb of the devil.
Monkey’s paw.
It was almost smother up with a muddy courage in the bright fire to be sure and identify the strength of not to lean against the magic story that you anticipate anymore receiving a miracle gift from nowhere, but he did it…
Your curiosity could be an empty dream in your palm in instantly…
Mummified remains of a tiny monkey’s paw were snatched up from vividly wave front fire.
Did he really have a strong courage and a sense of responsibility to have this vicious paw in his hand?
But he did it…
Lustfulness creeps upon him heavily and he will meet a trifling empty desire. Various fancies flitted through his obscure mind…and he did it.
The weird strong wind out side, draft rushed into the room where he was with a paw in his hand with his grumbles in deep inside of him. Devil has shown in the dead fire, looking and waiting for him to slip his mind.
The monkey’s paw grants your three wishes…that are all he knows about this dry paw and he does not listen to the voice of reason no longer. The horror of the monkey-magic, he was utterly captivated by monkey-magic. And a paw was in his hand with him.
The human desire is mysteriously incalculable and powerful, and his was, too.
The monkey-magic is colour full and a mystic symbol of supernatural happenings or unearthly music in the rainbow sky.
Make a wish…he made a wish. The first wish was made with his half doubt of the monkey-magic. And he will be a failure in next day late afternoon.
The failure of the day with a paw who never be able to realise the answer of this puzzle rings, until when he will desperately need to make a second wish to be an another day of the failure of the monkey-magic.
And he should be able to become conscious by the time for the last wish he will do in his last chance of the monkey-magic.
What does he really want from the paw in his hand…?

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