Thursday, March 6, 2008

The futile ashtray (From 'the Monkeys Paw')

We where all sat in the innermost corner in the Green-Room of the Rhino's Heads pub. The Green-Room is the room where most of our genius plans have been schemed and I be damned if this one, that our heads right now made rigorous efforts to grasp was not just one of the more brilliant one. Well on this the future would have to judge at a latter stage because this time we where not to follow our ingeniousness through. Our plans took an unexpected turn when Jonas who had sat silently in melancholic contemplation the whole night suddenly reach for the since the actualisation of the smoking ban abandoned ashtray and burst out:
- I now make this futile object useful again; I give it the capacity to realise three wishes! MAKE ME FAMOUS, FOR MY NAME IS JONAS, I AM THE FUTURE!
He then recline back to his usual position and returned to his melancholic gaze. The rest of us shared empathetic looks and returned to our plans like friends who have stopped being surprised.
The next afternoon we entered the pub in our usual manner, ordering our pints and headed for the Green-Room. But we notice to our unusual disappointment that our normal seats were taken by a large group of 15 or so people. Not only that, but they showed an enormous interest in our arrival.
-Hurdy gurdy Jonas hurdy gurdy. We heard one of them utter. We seized a table in the outermost corner of the Green-Room. Hurdy gurdy the group continuous, and two of them rise from their seats and approaches our table, they address Jonas:
-Mr Jonas we are big fan of your work, we saw your performance here last night and it spoke to me in an incredible way.
-Yes of course I said, Jonas is a great artist. The 15 or so, people were Swedish tourist who had read about the supposedly artist-cramped Rhinos-Head in the Lonely Planet, urging to see just any artists they must have taken Jonas for some other artist, and assumed his outburst for a performance, well one will see what one wants to see, that we all know. For it is just not possible that they had seen any of Jonas actual work, Jonas is a lazy artist. But Jonas was now famous for 15 people, and it has been prophesized that in the future everybody will be famous for 15 people, Jonas surely is the future. Of course the rest of us got interested in the ash-tray that actually seemed to have been gifted with three wishes and would in that case have two wishes left. A fight broke out over who were to get the next two. And we decided to withdraw to a local park for settlement. After tears and black-eyes Andreas and Julian were the two left with passion for the ash-tray so we all decided the wishes were theirs.
By now years have gone by and for long I never knew what the wishes were, no one of them would say, and nothing seemed to happen that indicated that a wish had come true. Eventually it all became clear recently during a drunken orgy in the green room. In remorse over both of theirs lack of succes; Andreas and Julian confessed their wishes sobbing in each others arms. Andreas had wished that Julian would not be famous, and Julian had wished he’d be more famous than Andreas.

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