Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Float In A Small Dark Space

I float in a small dark space tethered only by the umbilicus.
I am safe here and it is warm and comfortable.
I hear the regular thump, thump, thump of the maternal heart and that feels reassuring.
Apart from the regular beat, I hear gurgles and gulps from inside and snatches of speech and music from outside.
Sharp movements and loud sounds can startle me - sometimes I feel a mild discomfort but I feel better when I suck my thumb
I see no images but I do dream and I sense a dark red glow.
Of course I cannot know it but I am practicing – using my muscles to kick my legs or stretch my arms.
I bend my arms and legs.
I curl my fingers and toes – I’ve got fingernails and toenails.
I yawn and stretch. It’s tiring being a baby.
Ok so I don’t understand any of this yet and I won’t until I’m born.

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