Sunday, May 11, 2008








Utopias and unrealisable projects is a multimedia show, which has taken submissions of work from the general public. The idea of having an open exhibition was to encourage participants from every possible sphere including what is categorised as outsider art without imposing the structural confines of the London art world on the contributing artists. Utopia as an ideal is completely individual and therefore subjective but by inviting any, and all work, we hope to show a more egalitarian vision of art without boundaries. As curators, we will allow each work to claim its own space within the gallery based on our visceral responses. The thinking behind this is that fear of realising a particular project or piece of work can ultimately become limiting. When the need to comply with a particular fashion or the production of a commodity becomes our driving force in the production of art, this work can become secondary and stilted.  We hope to involve those artists in London who would not normally think about submitting or calling their work art.  



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