Monday, March 10, 2008

Perfect- Painting

Dan Perfect Painting
Chisenhale Gallery

Painting show by Dan Perfect at Chisenhale Gallery took my breath away.
The heavy metal height door was opened for me and sucked me up…door was closed…silence…
There was no body else… I was there on my own in his world…silence…
Beautiful silence…
And I was suddenly invited inside of the super fresh Dan Perfect world.

Perfect’s paintings have full of restless energy and so much of unique cartoon like characters appear in all over dense composition with seductive colours and their voice that create fantastic and ambiguous space and landscape.
Perfect’s paintings have a wonderful and queer language and their communication.
And many layers are overlapped each other and collaged in deliberately, yet whole image has great feeling of spontaneous combustion and imposing burst.
My eyes were fascinated with a corner of painting canvas edge flashy colour to the edge of each exciting brush marks and layers.
It is a great experience of beautiful silence and moment with Perfect’s paintings.
And there are feeling of very personal language and communication echo each other in perfect’s paintings and paintings and I.
Maybe there is some kind of messages hidden for some special reasons for particular someone…or maybe there are no messages.

I personally found a very special moment and beautiful silence of complexity.

Also, Perfect’s paintings remind me of the graffiti-like compositions of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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